Changes in 2.1.51

Release Candidate 2

Build a7cb5e21 / 2022-04-19.

  • Fixed compatibility with older macOS versions.
  • Fixed formatting being turned off when pressing shift (thanks to Henrik).
  • Remember original card position when using 'set due date' on a card (thanks to Rumo).
  • Fixed compatibility with 'card info during review' and similar add-ons.
  • Fixed illegible calendar buttons in dark mode on Mac/Linux.
  • Fixed stats PDF being illegible when saving in dark mode after scrolling down (thanks to Luka).
  • Use <b> and <i> formatting tags, instead of <strong> and <em>.
  • Fixed an issue with the search history when clicking on items in the sidebar (thanks to Rumo).
  • Anki now closes the Browse screen before full sync or colpkg import/export, so it doesn't show errors.

Release Candidate 1

Build 51a0641b / 2022-04-10.

  • Reviews in the V3 scheduler can now optionally be sorted by relative overdueness (thanks to Abdo).
  • Improve editor startup time, especially with many fields (thanks to Henrik).
  • Automatically re-enable disabled add-ons when user explicitly reinstalls them, and improve conflict handling (thanks to Aristotelis).
  • Fixed an issue that was breaking some add-ons when running on Windows without using anki-console.bat
  • Fixed card layout screen opening too wide if card template name was long (thanks to Sam).
  • Fixed full sync not being triggered when changing sort field.