Changes in 2.1.45

Release Candidate 2

Build e7189f4a / 2021-07-24.

  • Fix numpad enter in type answer screen.
  • Avoid escaping non-Latin text in image filenames (thanks in part to Hikaru).
  • Find and replace / rename with parent options in the sidebar (thanks to Rumo).
  • F3/F4 in card layout screen go to next/previous template (thanks to Evandro).
  • Set due date uses the deck's configured starting ease (thanks to cyphar).
  • Fix preview shortcut when fields not focused (thanks to Henrik).
  • Strip invalid unicode from filenames in media check.
  • Fix skipped entry on mousedown in browser search history (thanks to Rumo).
  • Handle buggy hooks in the reviewer (thanks to Henrik & Hikaru).
  • Fix flags not being excluded on export (thanks to Alex).
  • Fix notes with missing cards causing a fatal browser error.
  • As always, thanks to the translators who've contributed translations.
  • Minor other changes.

Release Candidate 1

Build 60f6fccc / 2021-07-13.

  • Fix red duplicate background being included in copy+paste (thanks to Hikaru).
  • Fix copy/cut affecting whole line in HTML editor (thanks to Hikaru).
  • Fix spurious error when importing v1 scheduling deck into v1 collection.
  • Tweaks to deck config/editor API (thanks to Henrik).
  • An add-on compat fix for the browser (thanks to Rumo).
  • More friendly message when importing v2 deck into v1 collection.
  • Allow cloze: in non-cloze notetypes for now.
  • Miscellaneous other changes.

Beta 6

Build 6ffa7440 / 2021-07-04.

  • Pre-load images on answer side (thanks to Hikaru).
  • Updated sidebar and editor icons (thanks to Henrik).
  • Fixed revert confirmation sometimes getting stuck in deck options (thanks to Henrik).
  • Fixed unnecessary percent-escaping of images in HTML editor.

Beta 5

Build 0f7a230f / 2021-06-29.

  • Fixed the packaging issue in beta 4 that was preventing startup.
  • Show deck options in two columns on wider screens (thanks to Matthias, Hikaru & Henrik).
  • Sidebar search now scrolls to first match (thanks to Abdo & Rumo).
  • Reverted a change that was causing some add-ons that modify the reviewing screen to break.
  • Show error before uploading if collection larger than AnkiWeb's limits.
  • Handle invalid card template numbers in DB check.
  • Fixed error message when confirming cloze deletion in normal note type.
  • Fixed expanding/collapsing tags triggering refresh (thanks to Rumo).
  • Fixed night mode preset dialogs in deck options (thanks to Henrik).
  • Fixed some issues with preserving selected item in sidebar (thanks to Rumo).

Beta 3

Build 18843e71 / 2021-06-25.

  • Fixed remembered tags not being applied to subsequently added cards after actions like toggling a pin/deleting a deck/etc.
  • Fixed toggling of night mode preview in day mode (thanks to hkr).
  • Fixed incorrect field content issue with HTML editor (thanks to Henrik).
  • Exclude deck and tag expand/collapse from undo queue; fixes automatic scroll to Current Deck in Browser.
  • Fixed .apkg importer allowing import of V2 collection with scheduling into a V1 collection.
  • Disable cloze and math buttons in HTML editor.

Beta 2

Build b693bdbf / 2021-06-24.

Known issues:

  • If adding cards with tags, toggling a pin will clear the saved tags, but they will still be shown in the UI. To make sure the tags are still added, to subsequent cards, please click in the tags area after toggling a pin.

Browser updates:

  • Added an option in the Preferences screen to customize the starting search text (eg, to start with "deck:current").
  • More reliably scroll to the current card.
  • New tag icons and associated backend work (thanks to Henrik).

HTML editor, thanks to Henrik:

  • Now appears inline, instead of in a separate pop-up.
  • Supports syntax highlighting, and showing opening/closing tags.

Change notetype:

  • Supports multiple undo.
  • Can match old and new fields by name.
  • Allows mapping a source field to more than one destination fields, allowing you to clone the contents of a field.

Other features:

  • Warn user when they attempt to use cloze markers inappropriately (thanks to Rumo).
  • Support system SSL certs on Linux.
  • Improved add-on support for the new deck options screen (thanks to Henrik).
  • Changed v3 scheduler label from "experimental" to "beta".


  • Fixed resource leak in sound code (thanks to Kelciour).
  • Fixed incorrect font on Windows (thanks to Kelciour).
  • Fixed crash when pressing the copy shortcut with no active selection.
  • Make the color selector inactive when no field is selected (thanks to hkr), and make it apply color immediately (thanks to Henrik).
  • Fixed creation of filtered decks from Browser (thanks to Rumo).
  • Fixed escaping of hyphens in searches (thanks to Rumo).
  • Fixed 'Set Due Date' not remembering provided input.
  • Fixed incorrect card count when removing multiple templates.
  • Fixed an issue compiling on recent Python 3.9 installs.
  • Fixed field pin status being forgotten when opening Cards screen (thanks to Henrik).
  • Reduce chances of a flash when revealing answer on cards with images.
  • Miscellaneous other changes.

Beta 1

Build 5bd2dc65 / 2021-06-08.


  • Added an option to the v3 scheduler to sort new cards in reverse order.
  • Added a Card Info option to the review screen.
  • Reduced editor toolbar size on Macs.
  • When opening the Browse screen with an active study card, the whole deck is now shown (thanks to Rumo).


  • Fixed audio getting stuck when pausing near end (thanks to kelciour).
  • Fixed current review card sometimes changing when making edits.
  • Fixed deck options tooltip appearance (thanks to Matthias).
  • Fixed selected deck not being honored when importing text file.
  • Fixed styling changes not being reflected in preview.
  • Fixed timebox window getting stuck when it appeared at start of study.
  • Fixed various links to the manual (thanks to cherryblossom000).

Alpha 4

Build be9bbf21 / 2021-06-02.

Known issues:

  • Changes to styling section in card layout screen not reflected in preview.

v3 scheduler changes:

  • The v3 scheduler can now be toggled in the Preferences screen.
  • Review cards can now optionally be shown in subdeck order.
  • Fixed 'deck priority' for new cards not following subdeck order.

Other features/behaviour changes:

  • Updated text colour and highlight colour buttons, thanks to Henrik and Matthias.
  • Added 3 new flag colours, thanks to Rumo.
  • Sidebar items can be dragged onto the Saved Searches area to add them as a favourite, thanks to Rumo.
  • Added a new menu item to clone the current deck options.
  • Custom study now limits the tag selection to 100 tags or fewer.
  • Extra checks are now done when updating a card template, such as detecting when a cloze notetype is missing a cloze directive, or two templates have identical question sides, thanks to Rumo.
  • Editor toolbar styling improvements, thanks to Henrik and Matthias.
  • The "sync required" indicator is now updated immediately, and will turn off if you undo the first change made after a sync.
  • Removed the superfluous "keep input" option from the Fields dialog.
  • When opening deck option from the study screen, you'll now be asked which deck you want if the card is in a subdeck.
  • Support ctrl+numpad enter to add cards.


  • Fixed an error/crash occurring when timeboxing was enabled.
  • Fixed deck options screen mishandling steps shorter a minute.
  • Fixed remembered tags not being applied to subsequently-added notes.
  • Fixed an error being shown when exporting cards/decks with a non-default deck configuration.
  • Fixed changes to the current field not being saved when saving the deck options.
  • Fixes for building on linux-arm64 (thanks to qubist-pixel-ux).
  • Force x11 mode when the packaged build is run on a system that tells Qt to use Wayland, as Wayland is not currently supported by the packaged build.
  • When a fatal error occurs, close Anki instead of allowing it to remain in a stuck state.
  • Fix formatting of some error messages, thanks to Rumo.
  • Various behinds-the-scenes changes thanks to Henrik and Rumo.
  • Miscellaneous other changes.

Alpha 3

Build f91f00a5 / 2021-05-24.

  • Fix new ease not being applied when failing a review card in the v3 scheduler.
  • The [...] in cloze deletions is now read as "blank" by TTS (thanks to Rumo).
  • Flags can now be renamed in the sidebar (thanks to Rumo).
  • Improvements to the handling of shortcuts in the editor (thanks to Henrik).
  • Improve cards/notes switch appearance (thanks to Rumo & Kleinerpirat).
  • Various tweaks to the Deck Options screen.
  • When Browse screen is opened, default to the first sidebar mode.
  • Add night mode styling to 'type in the answer' box, and improve legibility of comparison.
  • Fix Find&Replace searching in incorrect field.
  • Fix missing cumulative overlays in graphs.
  • Fix strange characters in Deck Options titlebar (thanks to Abdo).
  • Fix Unbury action missing cards in child decks.
  • Fix wrong stock note type being added (thanks to Abdo).
  • Horizontal scrolling in the browse screen is less jumpy (thanks to Rumo).
  • Report changed card count when changing deck/flag in Browse screen.
  • Fix actions like a sort column change clearing the undo history.

Alpha 2

Build b9a4908b / 2021-05-19.

  • Fixed a bug that was causing the Undo action to force a full sync.
  • You can now redo undone actions. The Redo menu item will be hidden for actions that don't support the new undo code, including reviews in the v1/v2 scheduer.
  • Changed the shortcut for Undo in the Browse screen to match the main window.
  • Fixed an error when switching between cards and notes modes (thanks to Rumo).
  • Various tweaks to the appearance of the deck options screen (some thanks to Henrik).
  • Fixed Custom Study when the v3 scheduler is enabled.
  • Compatibility tweaks to fix the breakage of some add-ons.

The Fields/Cards text in the editor is currently a bit large, and it'll likely be tweaked in the future.

Alpha 1

Build 10bfb95f / 2021-05-17.

There have been a lot of under-the-hood changes in this release, and there may be some rough edges at the moment.

Undo handling:

  • Most actions now support multiple undo steps. You can change a card template, delete some notes, bury a card, then undo each of those steps if you wish.
  • Actions that support multiple undo steps will now save the changes immediately, meaning that if Anki crashes, the changes you made in the last few minutes will no longer be lost.
  • Actions that don't support the new undo handling (eg, Check Database), will clear the undo history.
  • Add-ons will clear the undo history if they modify the database directly, or use routines that don't support undoing. There are some new routines available to add-ons to make operations undoable, but add-ons may need to be updated to use them.

Scheduling changes:

  • An experimental new scheduler.
  • The deck list now shows the learning count separately.
  • On new collections, the v2 scheduler is now the default.

Browser changes, thanks to Rumo:

  • The sidebar now has two modes. The default allows clicking on items to search for them. The other mode allows you to select multiple items at once, so you can drag & drop or delete multiple items.
  • The browse screen can now be toggled between showing cards, and showing notes.
  • When showing notes, some columns will show an aggregate over all the cards of a note.
  • Added an introduced:x search to locate cards first studied in the last x days.
  • Column rendering has been moved into the backend, and will be faster than before (but is still limited by the speed of the graphics toolkit).
  • A fair bit of the browser code has been changed, and some add-ons like the "Advanced Browser" add-on will need to be updated to support the new approach.

Editor changes, thanks to Henrik:

  • The editing toolbar has been reimplemented in a way that will allow easier improvements in the future.
  • The toolbar's icons and style have been updated.
  • The editor now provides bullet and numbered list buttons.
  • The editor now provides buttons to control text alignment and indent.
  • Sticky fields can now be toggled on/off from the editing screen.
  • Editor shortcuts are handled differently, and the current approach does not work well on non-QWERTY keymaps. This will likely change before a stable release.
  • A new API is available for add-ons, but this has not been finalized yet.

State handling:

  • When you make changes, the user interface should update more consistently now. Adding a new tag to a note will update the sidebar in the Browse screen for example, and when you review a card that is shown there, the columns will update.
  • The Browse screen no longer refreshes a search automatically. When you make a change, the column text may update, but the number of rows will not change. Deleted cards show "(deleted)" until you search again.
  • The main window no longer shows a "waiting for editing to finish" screen. When you make changes such as editing a note, the main window will dim, and will automatically refresh when you return to it.

The deck options screen has been reimplemented:

  • (Re)learning steps are now shown with units, eg 10m or 4d.
  • Deck options are now shown on one scrollable page.
  • Extra help is available for most options.
  • It is easy to see at a glance which options have been changed from the default, and individual options can be reverted to the default setting.
  • Warnings will be shown for some common issues (eg, review limit too low compared to new cards).
  • Some of the more advanced options have been moved to a separate "Advanced" section.
  • The old options can be accessed with a Shift+click, since it will take a while for add-ons to be updated to support the new screen.
  • The deck description is now accessible via a button in the overview screen, instead of via the deck options.

Other changes:

  • Numerous behind-the-scenes improvements from Henrik and Rumo.
  • The Find&Replace option in the Browse screen can now be used on tags as well.
  • You can now choose which add-ons you want to update (thanks to BlueGreenMagick).
  • Fix text with single quote not being escaped in export (thanks to Ryan).
  • Other fixes and improvements thanks to Abdo, Glutanimate, Arthur and Shaun.
  • The Card Info screen ignores manual rescheduling when calculating the average time.
  • Performance improvements and other miscellaneous fixes.