Changes in 2.1.57

Release Candidate 1

Build 14189a91 / 2023-01-26.

  • Fix non-Latin text wrapping in deck options dropdown (thanks to Fabricio).
  • Fix outer whitespace not being trimmed in type answer.
  • Fix style label being shown in preferences on Windows (thanks to Matthias).
  • Fix the future due graph counting learning cards on the wrong day.
  • HTML is now escaped in the deck list.
  • Improve styling of boxes in template editor (thanks to Matthias).
  • Fix 'View Files' not working with a relative base folder (thanks to Abdo).

Dev related:

  • Make it easier to override node/protoc binaries during a build (thanks to Mani)

Beta 1

Build 5cdfa7a6 / 2023-01-18.

More UI improvements/fixes thanks to Matthias, including:

  • The top toolbar area can now take on the color/background of the main window.
  • The top toolbar appears more subtle during review.
  • A new option in the preferences to automatically hide the top and bottom bar during review.
  • A new option in the preferences to enable a "minimalist" mode that makes the UI more compact/less fancy.
  • A new option in the preferences to switch between native styling and the Anki theme (on Mac/Linux).
  • The preferences screen has been redesigned to be easier to navigate.

Syncing has also been updated:

  • Tweaks to the sync protocol that should be transparent when syncing with AnkiWeb, but that will break syncing with third-party servers that haven't been updated yet.
  • The sync server bundled with Anki has been updated, and now supports syncing media as well. More information is available on

Other changes:

  • Switch to a different library for handling type-in-the-answer comparisons, which should give more reliable results, and not crash with certain inputs (thanks to Rumo).
  • Fix introduced:x not working correctly when negated (thanks to Rumo).
  • Fix ctrl+enter not working when importing screen first opened.
  • Fix image dimensions not being correctly constrained (thanks to Hikaru).
  • Fix incorrect total/average in added graph.
  • Fix newlines not appearing when importing a csv file with HTML disabled.
  • Fix quotes preventing field descriptions from showing.
  • Fix spaces not handled properly when entering text around MathJax (thanks to Hikaru).
  • Fix toolbar add-on breakages and introduce toolbar tray layout & API (thanks to Aristotelis).
  • Fix type-in-the-answer not supported nested cloze deletions.
  • Increase delay when adjusting clipboard, which may improve compatibility on some systems.
  • Update Windows/Linux builds to Qt 6.4.2.