Changes in 2.1.41

Add-On Notes

Add-on authors, please see

Beta 7

Build 3ba08d11 / 2021-03-04.

  • Fix a freeze when answering a card with a missing parent deck.
  • Fix an error that could occur when syncing between 2.1.41 and older clients, then downgrading.

Beta 6

Build 92aaaf71 / 2021-03-02.

  • Fix 2.1 scheduler review counts not matching deck list.
  • Fix a focusing issue in the editor (thanks to Henrik).

Beta 5

Build 14cc81f8 / 2021-03-01.

  • Filtered deck screen now has a link to show cards not matched by search (thanks to Rumo, Abdo).
  • Support Alt+number to switch between clozes in the card layout screen (thanks to Abdo).
  • Fix images not shrinking to fit editor field (thanks to Henrik).
  • Fix a focus handling issue in the editor (thanks to Henrik).
  • Fix incorrect review counts in the 2.1 scheduler when parent decks had a smaller limit than their children.
  • Fix early review cards remaining in new queue after upgrading to 2.1 scheduler.
  • Improve error message when trying to nest under a filtered deck (thanks to Rumo).
  • Use monospace font in HTML editor.

Beta 4

Build 46e9720e / 2021-02-21.

Scheduler updates:

  • The V1->V2 upgrade process no longer resets cards that are in learning, or removes cards from filtered decks.
  • Users on the old scheduler will now see a message at the top of the deck list prompting them to update to the Anki 2.1 scheduler.
  • New users will see the message too. Enabling it by default would be a smoother experience, but that needs to wait until AnkiDroid 2.15 is released as stable, with support for the newer timezone handling.
  • There is no option to downgrade to the V1 scheduler anymore, though you can still do so by downgrading to an older Anki version first.


  • Fix tag replacement/deletion matching substrings (thanks to Abdo).
  • Fix images not shrinking to fit in fields (thanks to Henrik).
  • Fix "saved searches" getting selected when clicking in empty area of sidebar (thanks to BlueGreekMagick).
  • Reposition dialog's "shift cards" option now defaults to off.

Beta 3

Build b3b40933 / 2021-02-12.

  • Sidebar:

    • Drop multiple selection, and switch back to the old clicking behaviour. Multiple selection can be tackled again in a future update.
    • "Due" now shows only cards due that day.
    • Added "Overdue" item.
  • "Set due" now leaves the review intervals alone unless '!' is provided.

  • Fix stale preview in card layout screen (thanks to Henrik).

  • Ignore manually scheduled cards in hour graph.

Beta 2

Build 599d4634 / 2021-02-09.

  • Sidebar changes:

    • Multiple selection. Currently only works with tag and deck drag&drop.
    • Ctrl/Alt/Shift options to add/modify the search now require a right click instead of a left click, to avoid conflicts with multiple selection.
    • Move "Current Deck" to Decks
    • Click on Decks to show whole collection.
    • Click on Flags to show any flag.
    • Click on Tags to show all non-empty tags.
    • Added "Untagged" under Tags.
  • "Set Due Date" changes:

    • Interval can optionally be reset for review cards.
    • Input now remembered.
  • Editor tweaks to make things easier for add-ons (thanks to Henrik).

  • Fix slowdown after large "check media" report.

  • Fix 'rsbackend' errors in some add-ons.

  • Fix compatibility with fastbar add-on.

  • Markdown rendering of deck config is now opt-in - once enabled, it will change the handling of both the overview and congrats screen. When not enabled, the congrats screen will not show the description.

Beta 1

Build 704b5e58 / 2021-02-07.

This beta includes all the changes from 2.1.39beta1 - please see its change notes as well.

Changes since 2.1.39beta1:

  • The editor's code has been reworked, thanks to Henrik:

    • <br> tags will now be used by default instead of the previous <div> tags, which solves some issues with multiple lines in cloze deletions and MathJax.
    • Invalid field content can no longer spill out into the editing area.
    • Other behind-the-scenes changes have been made at the same time, and some add-ons that alter the editor will need updating.
  • Browser sidebar improvements:

    • Added a search bar, thanks to Abdo.
    • The remaining items in the Filter button have been moved into the sidebar, and the Filter button removed.
    • Tags and decks can now be dragged and dropped.
    • Each section can now be expanded/collapsed.
    • Add-ons that were adjusting the sidebar or filter button may need updating.
  • Search improvements, thanks to Rumo:

    • Filtered decks can now be created from a browser search, and vice versa.
    • Better ergonomics for developers.
  • Reworked the Reschedule tool:

    • Split into separate "Forget" and "Set Due Date" actions
    • "Set Due Date" now adjusts intervals of review cards, instead of resetting them.
    • Changed the "Delete Tags" shortcut; Ctrl+Shift+D now changes the due date.
    • Added the action to the review screen as well.

Other changes:

  • The tags field in the editor now autocompletes from anywhere in a tag name, not only the start.
  • The title bar on Macs will now turn dark when night mode is activated.
  • Improvements to the graphs, thanks to Henrik.
  • Add deck description back to congrats screen, with caveats.
  • Add opus to media list in editor.
  • Other improvements with thanks to Rumo, Henrik, Abdo, Arthur and Maksim.

For developers:

  • Almost all of the Python codebase now has type hints. 🎉